About Us

Peace, Love, Comfort & Joy are the words that run through my mind as I knit a scarf for my stepdaughter. Saying the words over and over again, they became a prayer. I wanted to impart these qualities into the garment itself and through the garment to the wearer. 

This is why I knit and dye yarns. It is an almost compulsive need to make physical my feelings so that I may share them. 

While I had begun dyeing yarn a couple of years earlier, the company was incorporated and formally set up in 2005, running out of the basement of my home. By 2007, we had acquired a small commercial space — and we are still there today: 40 West Washington St., Harrisonburg, VA. 

We dye by hand all of the yarns we sell. Be warned, they are dyed with Peace, Love, Comfort & Joy; may they be yours as well.

— Claudia McClean

Claudia McClean

With her vision and love of color and yarn, Claudia embarked on her healing journey and named it Claudia Hand Painted Yarns. Each skein dyed by her hands, prayed over again and again: Peace, Love Comfort & Joy.

"I call her the color guru," says Casondra Brown. "She sees color in such a different way — things that others do not, or cannot see. Claudia sees beauty in everything."

Claudia is a lover of things big and small, a collector of sorts, Casondra says. "She has 'collected' me and helped me along my way without realizing she is giving love with her words of wisdom and acts of kindness."

Claudia often refers to Casondra as the heart of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns. "If I am the heart of the company," Casondra says, "then she is the soul."