Butter Pecan


This month, we have been craving ice cream around the office, so we asked Claudia the story behind "Butter Pecan":


"That's an easy one," she says with a laugh. "It's my favorite ice cream flavor! I like the sweet and salty taste of the pecans reminds me of it every time."


"Butter Pecan" is available in fingering, sport, worsted, single-ply, silk lace, fingering 55, linen, linen lace and cotton ball. If there's a certain Claudia Hand Painted Yarn color you want to know the story please email your suggestion to heather@goochandgooch.com.


Photo credit: Williams-Sonoma. Get their recipe for homemade butter pecan ice cream at http://www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe/butter-pecan-ice-cream.html.