"I was dyeing 'Chocolate Cherries,' and turned off my pots to leave and have lunch with a friend," recalls Claudia of how this peppy hue came to be. "When I returned, the red and brown had turned orange and pink. Hence, we have 'Poppy.'"


'Poppy' is available in all of Claudia's yarn lines, rebranded for 2014: Addiction (fingering), Oh Baby (F55), Oh La La (DK-50gm), Exuberence (DK-100gm), Pensive (single-ply), Serenity (silk lace), Lust (silky wool), Passion (ribbon), Drama (linen), Contemplation (linen lace), and Comfort (cottonball).


If there's a certain Claudia Hand Painted Yarn color you want to know the story behind, please email your suggestion to heather@goochandgooch.com.


PHOTO: Wikimedia