Shells on the Beach


One question that we at Claudia Hand Painted Yarns are asked frequently is, "How did Claudia come up with the names of her yarns?" There are actually many quite interesting tales behind most of these names, and we want to share them with you!


For our very first Color Story, we chose "Shells on the Beach." Fall is here, but Claudia loves to recall those summer vacation visits to Myrtle Beach, S.C., every year with her parents and brother.


"Often, on those trips, my mother and I would get up early in the morning for a walk on the beach, and we would collect shells along the way," she says. "The multiple values of gold, whites and pinks in this yarn bring back wonderful memories."


"Shells on the Beach" is available in fingering, sport, worsted, single-ply, silk lace, fingering 55, linen, linen lace and cotton ball.


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Photo credit: Claudia McClean